“Durance’s Lois was an even quicker wit than any past version”

As part of an article titled “The History of Lois Lane” that revisits the story of Lois Lane from her appearances in the comic books, as well as on radio, TV and film as portrayed by a select group of actresses through the years, highlights Erica’s Lois on Smallville as “an even quicker wit than any past version”.

Per the article:

“Smallville was the story of young Clark Kent before he became Superman. For much of the series, his love interest was Lana Lang, played by Kristin Kreuk, and their ongoing reasons for not being able to be in a relationship over the first seven seasons became tiring. Their story is quite sad because Clark is ultimately going to end up with Lois, so anything they feel for each other will be fruitless. There was speculation during season three that Smallville’s original character Chloe Sullivan would eventually turn out to be Lois Lane with a name change. But while audiences watched Clark and Lex Luthor grow and change over the years as they became good friends and then mortal enemies, they also got to see the same happen for Lois Lane once she was introduced at the start of the fourth season by actress Erica Durance.

At first she was only set to appear for a handful of episodes, but became so beloved by the creative teams that her appearances that season were upped to 13. By season five, Durance was added to the opening credits for every episode, but was still limited to 13 or so episodes until season seven when both Lana and Lex were on their ways off the series and Lois was becoming more and more important in Clark’s life.

Besides her obvious beauty, Durance’s Lois was an even quicker wit than any past version, and she often had the most hilarious lines and moments in the episodes she was in. She had this way of being brutally honest, yet a delivery that made the audience love her all the more for her bluntness. Plus she was sexy, comfortable with herself and her body, occasionally a binge drinker who liked Whitesnake, and she could fight off most foes with her bare hands and no need for help from Clark. And at the same time, she may have had the clearest character arc of anyone else in the series.”

At first she and Clark simply couldn’t stand each other and one would clearly go out of his or her way just to annoy the other, but some of their friends could see the spark of something between them. She had no interest in journalism until her Cousin Chloe, who ran the school newspaper, co-opted her to write an investigative piece, and suddenly she was hooked. But like Margot Kidder’s Lois, she couldn’t spell worth a damn. There were plenty of hints along the way as Clark and Lois’s friendship bloomed that there could be a potential for romance, but the writers mostly held off until season eight, and even then it was a slow simmer. They had clearly learned from the overuse of Lana as a love foil that bringing these two together needed to happen only once.

Lois became enamored with “The Blur,” which was Clark as a proto-Superman, but also grew a fondness for Clark himself. Then she learned they were one and the same, but held off telling him until he was ready to say it himself. In the end, she was the one who really gave him the strength to don the tights and become the Man of Steel, while at the same time disguising himself as a mild-mannered reporter.”

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