Happy New Year Message

“To Fans!
Have a Harley New Year!
Erica and David”

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  1. To the Worlds Most Gorgeous Couple Erica and David: Happy New Year 2013. Wishing you all the love and happiest in the universe. May god keep blessing you with the very best that this beautiful world has to offer. Erica Durance you are Simply…(Amazing)…from your number one fan. Malie Jean Bingham

  2. To Erica and David , So speechless when I saw this picture ,just a perfect , happy couple enjoying a Harley New year !
    Wishing both of you peace , love , joy and good health throughout the New Year ! You have no idea how long I have waited for this perfect , amazing picture..We need more ! You are always my number (1 ) favourite actress…From your most avid admirer in Australia…. Julieta Mateo

  3. happy new year to the most amazing woman in the planet Erica and to the ever supportive hubby, David! 🙂

    hugs from Manila, Philippines

  4. You will always be the lovely Lois Lane in the hearts of millions. A strength and not a weakness to your love one’s.

  5. Happy New year wish you both the best & Happy early Anniversary going strong hugs. love the Harley too!

  6. Happy new year Erica with love,you are my favourite actress and you will be always the number 1.
    Greetings from Italy! 😉

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