#DuranceDay: Celebrate Erica Durance’s Birthday on Twitter

#durancedayThere is no day more beautiful than #DuranceDay, don’t you think? Wait, you still don’t know what’s it?


The #DuranceDay is the day Erica’s fans celebrate her birthday on Twitter. Every year we celebrate it together on social media spreading the love for Erica around the world.

This year is no different and between us this year it feels even better because Erica is among us. This is the first year we will be celebrating it with Erica as she recently joined twitter.

What do you have to do?

On June 21st join us on Twitter and send your birthday messages, poems, your favorite Erica pictures, your favorite Erica videos to Erica Durance by adding the hashtag #DuranceDay and @ED_Durance to your tweet like the example below:

“Happy Birthday, Erica. I love you. #DuranceDay @ED_Durance” 

Join us!

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  1. ♥ Happy Birthday My Diva! ♥
    I wish you all the most beautiful and special on this day that is uniquely yours!
    ♥ Love you! ♥

    #DuranceDay #EDforWW #SavingHope #HappyBDayED #LoveYou

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