Erica Durance For Wonder Woman. We Approve This Message!


#EDforWW — Erica as Wonder Woman — Artwork by PJ

A couple of years ago when the first rumors that David E. Kelley and NBC were trying to reboot the classic ’70s series for the 2011/12 season surfaced we decided to campaign for Erica Durance because we all know that she is an incredibly talented actress that could easily channel everything that Wonder Woman represents. 

To support the campaign our long time friend PJ drew the following artwork to support our efforts. At the end of the day we decided to ride a different road by using a manipulated photo of Erica as Wonder Woman (below) instead of this never used/never seen before artwork. (above)


Since then the Wonder Woman TV show talk has resurfaced when the CW’s president Mark Pedowitz told reporters after the network’s upfront presentation last month that work is still being done to bring Wonder Woman to the channel.

“It’s being redeveloped.”, he said. “We don’t want to produce something that doesn’t do the franchise justice… It’s the trickiest of all the DC characters.”

Is it? Really? Great! So here is our note to the powers that be…

“Dear CW, DC Comics and Warner Bros.,

Erica Durance is not Wonder Woman, but she sure looks the part.  Just saying…”


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  1. Erica Durance to me is Wonder Woman….She stands up for injustice! She supports her die-hard fans around the world! She is hero to her followers on twitter, facebook, …etc! She makes you feel better when you are having a bad day with her words of wisdom! Her kind and tender heart is shinning through so bright! Erica Durance version of Lois Lane put her above the other actresses before her like Margo Kitter, Teri Hatcher, Phyllis Coates! Erica Durance transformed into Lois Lane right in front of our eyes! Now our girl is doing wonders in the role of Alex Ried on Saving Hope where she is also a producer! This show was Canada’s New Number One Drama of the 2012/2013 season which garner it a second season pick up thanks in part to Erica Durance and her awesome castmates! So CW, DC Comics, & Warner Brothers the only actress out there to play the part of the lasio whipping Wonder Woman is Erica Freakin Durance! She will bring you Box Offices Success & Critical Acclaim! We her devoted fans nominate Erica Durance for Wonder Woman for the Big Screen! #EDforWW!

  2. I like this idea! Maybe she can shoot it while she does her other show. Oh I want to see this happen

  3. There is no way Erica cannot play Wonder Woman. No other woman in this world can! Did you not see how she handled CLARK’s powers when JOR-EL gave them to her? Now that was a true super hero. ERICA DURANCE (Wonder Woman), I love you…!!

  4. para mi erica durance tiene , no solo el talento sino el prototipo perfecto para ser la mujer maravilla y no solo en un a serie de television o en una pelicula de la mujer maravilla ella seria genial para hacer este papel en la proxima pelicula de la liga de la justicia que ni mandada a hacer

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