‘Saving Hope’ Promotional Photos And Episode Description For “Why Waste Time” (2.03)

CTV has released promotional photos and episode description for the upcoming episode of ‘Saving Hope’: “Why Waste Time” (2.03)

Episode Description 

Short Synopsis:
Alex is trying to get her life back to normal with Charlie and at Hope Zion Hosital – but with Charlie’s head in the clouds and the pressure to find her medical niche – she’s struggling. Inspiration comes in the form of an immigrant doctor who needs Alex to save his wife’s life, and in return, helps her find her calling.

Long Synopsis:
Feeling like she’s falling behind in her career, Alex (Erica Durance) buys into the Reycraft-you-need-a-specialty approach and vows to find her niche. But when a woman with a stabbing trauma comes into the ER, Alex must work with her husband (an immigrant doctor) to save her life. Alex learns from him that the gadgets and the fellowships are never more important than the people you save. Meanwhile, Charlie (Michael Shanks) is dealing with a patient who has a huge secret he reveals to Charlie in the liminal space – he’s got two wives. Charlie convinces him to come clean to his families, even if the results are disastrous. But the fallout of his patient’s lies can’t help but act as a cautionary tale to Charlie when it comes to revealing his own secret to Alex. On the admin front, Joel (Daniel Gillies) proves himself as Chief.

Guest Stars:
Raoul Bhaneja (FLASHPOINT), Vanessa Morganv(DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION), Jordan Todoseyv(DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION), Kevin Hanchard (ORPHAN BLACK), Connor Price (BEING HUMAN) and David Keeley (COPPER)

Story by: Greg Nelson (ROOKIE BLUE, THE BORDER)

Teleplay by: Waneta Storms (THE ELEVENTH HOUR)


Saving Hope airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CTV

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