Erica Durance A Woman of Hope

Actress finds a niche with supernatural fare

By Melissa Hank, PostMedia News


Superman may be a Man of Steel, but Erica Durance is a woman of sci-fi. The Calgary-born actress has a resume you’d swear was cultivated from the files of Area 51.

It boasts supernatural shows such as Stargate SG-1, Andromeda and Tru Calling — plus the Superman origin tale Smallville, in which she played Lois Lane — so her role on CTV’s series that sees dead people, Saving Hope, seems like a perfect fit.

“I love the discussion of ‘Is there anything else out there?’ and beginning the discussion of what happens on the other side of things,” says Durance, who plays Dr. Alex Reid on the show. 

In Season 1 of Saving Hope, Alex’s fiancé, Dr. Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks), fell into a coma after a tragic accident and, in that semi-awake state, found he could talk to ghosts.

But now in the early glow of Season 2, Charlie has awoken and the series is focusing on how his secret ability functions in the real world with Alex, and the paranormal push-and-pull it creates.

“They’re trying to get their relationship going again, yet he’s dealing with how he’s going to balance both worlds,” says Durance, who’s also a producer on the show. “And of course she’s trying to find out and senses that there’s something not quite right.”

Also this season, Being Erica star Erin Karpluk joins the cast as single mother Sonya, and Beverly Hills, 90210 star Jason Priestley takes a seat in the directing chair.

“I think everyone was a little excited about that experience,” says Durance of having the former Brandon Walsh — purveyor of a pompadour par excellence — on the set. “I got to go on location, on a road trip and be out of the studio. Of course, as often happens in the medical drama world, there’s a tragedy of some sort and you get to see my character really show off her doctor skills.”

In real life, Durance is hoping to hone a skill of her own: singing. When she was starting out, she found her heart pounded for musical theatre and she took voice lessons.

“(Singing is) always something in the back of my mind. What I’d love to do is get back to that for myself in a private way and hopefully express it in a more musical theatre kind of way. But I’d need a lot of work,” Durance says with a laugh.

And no, Smallville fans, she hasn’t yet seen the new Superman flick, Man of Steel. But when she does, she won’t be holding some sort of secret Lois Lane competition with big-screen portrayer Amy Adams.

“For me, the embodiment of that character will always in my mind be connected to our project and the people I connected with there,” Durance says. “So if there’s a new incarnation, I’m excited to support whatever that is. And I’m definitely planning on watching it, for sure.” (CTV, 10 ET/PT)

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