‘HuffPost Canada’ Sat Down With Erica Durance To Talk About “Saving Hope” Season 2

Michael Shanks, Erica Durance, Daniel Gillies

Erica Durance and Michael Shanks sat down with ‘HuffPost Canada TV’ to talk about Season 2 of “Saving Hope,” what’s in store for their characters, and the basic concepts of life and death on the show. Check out below Erica Durance answers: 

Many people are afraid of doctors and hospitals. What are your feelings towards them?
Erica Durance: I didn’t have any bad experiences. When I was younger, my brother had asthma a lot, so he has a lot more of a connection with it. He was in the hospital quite a bit. For me, it was this unknown entity, which is probably why I was interested in this kind of show, where I could learn something different.

Season 1 ended on a few cliffhangers. Where is Alex’s headspace when we see her?
ED: This picks up with Alex and Charlie trying to find their way again, but as it happens in a lot of situations where they say there are traumas or different tragedies, people are never the same. It picks up with them coming back from a vacation and they’re getting back into work. Alex is trying to negotiate “Where am I? Where am I going?” She senses something is a little off with Charlie or he’s changed from his situation. It’s about how you reconnect again. As a doctor, she’s come back to reinsert herself in the hospital and to get her career going again.

Alex was understandably an emotional wreck while Charlie was in a coma. Are we going to see a lighter, happier Alex having more fun this season?
ED: Yeah, a lot more fun, whether it’s me as an actor having moments where life goes sideways or whether it’s Alex … I’m not sure. It was so constraining last year because of that specific thing and it was more serialized. This season, they have the emotional side of it, they have all the little plot points for people to continue to fall in love with the characters. But, it has a little bit of procedural, as well. You’re allowed to breathe and she is too. You discover more about her relationship with Joel and how they relate to each other. She does get to loosen up a bit, which is nice.

When you take on a role like this, you think it’s a really great script. Then you realize, “I’ve started at such a high-intensity level.” To be quite honest, a lot of it is a blur. A lot of people come back and say, “You cried in every scene, every day, for six months.” And I was like, “Really?” I think it was this vortex I was in. I did get pretty tired at the end and I needed a lot of time off.

Last season, some of the major themes revolved around hope, life and death, and what that means. How will you be building on those?
For me, it was the crux of dealing with always moving forward and finding hope in the face of that. They’ll be able to keep the whole supernatural realm through Charlie’s character. How honest are you with your loved ones? Do you let them know or not? There’s all of that maintenance and the arc continues to flow through. It’s interesting this year because he’s having to deal with it in real time and us potentially noticing it. How does he continue to communicate and does he really want to?

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