Watch Channel UK: Erica Durance Interview

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On Joining Saving Hope

“There were many things that drew me to this project including the writing and the character. This project has such heart and Alex has such strength but then she has this other, vulnerable side. The writers did a fantastic job of writing a female character that has all the elements. You get to see how this strong character deals with grief.”

On Playing Dr. Alex Reid

“What is Alex’s strength can also be her weakness. This is her pragmatic, logical side, which has gotten her to this point in her career and she’s very good at what she does. These qualities lead to strength in her success but they also end up being a weakness for her because with Charlie she doesn’t know how to cope – she relies a lot on western medicine and she’s starting to have to question that for herself. As the series goes on, you see Alex start to adopt different ideas. She begins to question whether there is a mystical realm out there.”

On Alex and Charlie’s Relationship

“I love the parallel that happens with Alex and Charlie – they’re both stuck in two different universes/parallels and are both dealing with this tumultuous experience. They are both trying to figure out how to get back to each other.”

On Alex and Joel’s Relationship

“The relationship Alex has with Joel is the exact opposite of the relationship she has with Charlie. They are exes and had a bad break-up. But as the show goes on we see that they really are true friends. They have both struggle and honesty in their relationship.”

In the UK ‘Saving Hope’ Season 1 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on Watch channel.

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