‘Saving Hope’ Episode Stills and Description for “Awakenings” (3.03)

Saving Hope "Awakenings" (3.03)

CTV has released episode stills and episode description for next week’s episode of Saving Hope: “Awakenings”(3.03)

Episode Description: Awakenings (3.03)

Alex (Erica Durance) is out of her coma, but struggles with her memory until a crisis at the hospital reminds her of who she truly is. Charlie (Michael Shanks) and Joel (Daniel Gillies) are forced to put their differences aside when a building collapse has them working on two fused-together patients. Plus, the doctors at Hope Zion try giving an over emotional Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross) sage advice.

“Saving Hope” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on CTV.

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