Erica on ‘The Marilyn Denis Show’ Promoting Saving Hope Season 3

Erica on The Marilyn Denis Show

“Gagging constantly isn’t normal,” laughs Erica Durance. The actress, who plays Dr. Alex Reid on CTV’s ‘Saving Hope’ isn’t referring to the often gory subject matter of the show, but to her pregnancy! “It’s a boy,” she adds after revealing that she’s already picked out all the baby décor for his nursery.

The actress, who is due in late January, with husband David Palffy, is going to be surrounded by men. “He’s in the middle of building our other home,” Durance says of her hubby, but “he’s excited.”

Then it was time to get down to business, namely discussing just what to expect in part two of this season’s premiere. She describes that season’s finale as “dicey,” thankfully Dr. Reid has friends in high places that come in to save her life. “It’s an interesting story point,” she adds when explaining that her onscreen husband can see her while she hangs in the balance between life and death.

To check out ‘Saving Hope’ for yourself tune in Thursdays at 9pm ET on CTV.

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