‘Saving Hope’ Promo for S03E07

FYI: Saving Hope moves to a new day and time in November with more episodes this fall. CTV will be sending out a release outlining further programming information.

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  1. I have come to love Saving Hope. Initially, I was watching it so I could see
    Benjamin Ayres. In his handsome face, I see his father, his mother, and my uncle — his grandfather. I still watch it for that reason, but also now because the story lines are so good, and often so unusual. I am hooked now, so when it wasn’t on tonight, I almost panicked! Had to come to the computer to check. My son is Ben, too, same age as Benjamin Ayres, and they know each other. I thought he played a beautiful part last week, in really connecting with his son, who had walked all the way across town to be with his dad. The ‘tent’ scene was so poignant. The whole show, fascinating. You are all doing a brilliant job. Thank you all for such a good series. I know this show takes a lot of work to make it realistic. And finally, I can
    look at blood, without flinching! I am so proud of everyone it takes to put these shows together. O Canada! 🙂

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