Erica Durance Shares First Photo of Baby Lochlan

It’s been two months since Erica Durance gave birth to her first child, and now she’s giving fans a first glimpse of her baby boy.

Erica showed off her beautiful baby boy, Lochlan William Palffy, in a sweet Twitter post tonight.

Lochlan William Palffy

The cuteness is too much to handle!

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  1. Your baby boy is beautiful! I think he looks a lot like you 🙂 Enjoy this precious gift.

  2. He is absolutely gorgeous… Congrats again Erica and David on your new bundle of joy. I love you guys. Take care and God bless!!!

  3. That is one Adorable beautiful baby of course with a mother as beautiful as Erica wouldn’t expect anything less!!
    But a child is truly Gods greatest gifts Nothing is more fulfilling then being a mother ! Congratulations such a beautiful baby boy!! Thanks for sharing the picture I know it’s hard when you want to protect him and yet want to share your greatest achievements !!

  4. He is beautiful congratulations to you , husband and your family love you all with deep respect .

  5. My god!!!!
    He is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.
    Wish you all the best❤️

  6. Holy Crap Erica Your Baby Is So Cute And Looks Just Like You!!! You Gave Been My Most Fav. Charactor On Smallville And Saving Hope And Beyond The Sherwood Forest And Every Other!! Your Baby Will Be Just As Talented As You Are!!

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