When Will ‘Saving Hope’ Season 3 Be Released on DVD?

Saving Hope S3

eOne Home Video has just informed us that Saving Hope Season 3 is currently slated for a tentative October/November 2015 release.

Once they confirm the date in the schedule and have artwork available, we will post here.

Stay tuned for details, and hope for some really cool extras!

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  1. Love the show stumbled on to it by accident while channel surfing now I have watched season 1&2 in the last two weeks and can’t find out about season 3, omg I can’t believe the way it ended and now I don’t know if I will get to watch anymore as in the UK I can’t find any information, this is crazy I’m completely hooked on saving hope. #hopeyfan

  2. I also came across it by accident, via Facebook, The Originals page with add for Daniel Gillies. I love him and massive fan of Michael Shanks too. Got seasons one and two DVD. Can’t wait for season three..so hope it will be on UK. So fed up of shows been cancelled, or put onto other media that most won’t have I.e Amazon prime , Netflix etc. Waiting impatiently for show and DVD.

  3. In the United Kingdom we are not getting season 3 so I’m wanting to see it in DVD this is the best program I have seen and I’m so dissopointed that it was dropped in the Uk.

  4. Hi, I’m in the US. I’m addicted to this show! I don’t know why they took it away in the US. I have Dish Network and they do not have CTV. Station because I tried to buy it extra is where the new ones such as the up to date season 4 is coming on. I started from Season 1 on ION Television. Next week is the week the they show season 3 episode 1 and 2. It shows you two a week but that’s not good enough if any one had seen Season 2, Ep 18. They know that when I watched it I had to YouTube Season 3, Ep 1. Somehow it showed me all the way to episode 12 bits and pieces so now I have to buy the THIRD SEASON I CAN’T FIND IT ANYHWERE! I somehow saw it last night on Amazon Canada, and now it’s gone when I tried to buy it.

    Someone PLEASEEEEEEE HELP!!!!! Does anyone know any electronic or places to buy DVDS IN CANADA THAT I CAN LOOK???? Please! I just don’t understand why you can’t find it anywhere being season four it shows is almost over!

  5. Season 3 in out in the Uk not Tv Sony entertainment channel on the 30.4.16
    Great to see it back.

  6. Season Three of Saving Hope is on UK TV on the 30.3.16
    Sony Entertainment Channel has picked this up
    My last post was to say great to see it back but I made a mistake so this post is correct love this program.
    So Tune in to see this on 30.3.16 at 9pm GMT

  7. Why is it the USA DVD for the first season have two extra episodes yet the UK one doesn’t! Feeling hard done to! Like most I found season one channel surfing and didn’t know it had more season, now love Michael Shanks!

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