Interview: Erica Durance Shares Her Thoughts on Motherhood, Work & Her Son Lochlan (Part 2)

Saving Hope "All the Pretty Horses" (3.18) - Season Finale

“Lochlan is a gift from heaven. Everyday is a blessing with him.” That’s how Erica Durance starts out our chat about her son Lochlan, who has just turned 9 months old three days ago, and balancing motherhood with set life.

Lochlan is too young to understand it now but he played an important role in mommy’s show Saving Hope. Erica got pregnant before the start of the filming of Season 3, which led the producers and writers to decide whether to write her pregnancy into the show or make use of the famous close-ups tricks. “I’ve given them something interesting to deal with. I’ve left an interesting dilemma, I sat that at their feet, I don’t think it’s a dilemma, I think it’s an interesting story point.” Erica has said in previous interviews.

In Season 3, Dr. Alex Reid, played by Erica, ends up pregnant and gives birth to baby Luke but there’s a twist… she is not sure who’s the father: Charlie or Joel.

Erica Durance - Saving Hope S03E13 "Narrow Margin"

If last year Erica had to balance her filming schedule with her pregnancy, this June, when production started for Season 4, she had a new challenge ahead: balancing motherhood and work, “It’s always a challenge to balance motherhood and work being on set, but it’s something I cherish doing because it brings the best out of me.” she says, “Even more so, when you are told it couldn’t be done. Granted it takes a lot of patience.The key is to be organized and to have a strong family support system in place that can take the pressure off trying to do everything myself. It’s normal to assume, being a mother of an infant, you are expected to do everything, and anything less makes you a bad mother, which is something as a woman you have to adjust because in my opinion, its absolutely untrue.” she continues, “It’s important to surround baby Lochlan with continual positive energy and if that means I have to give into my exhaustion and let my husband, David take over, I’m going to do that, especially at 3 am when Lochlan is wide awake. I’m very fortunate because my husband is a great husband and father whose very involved in every aspect of raising children, so that’s a blessing for me.”

Photo of Lochlan posted by Erica on her Twitter on August 10, 2015

Photo of Lochlan posted by Erica on her Twitter on August 10, 2015

Although Lochlan spends a good amount of time on the set, Erica and David make sure it’s only for a good reason as they find it important their son enjoy a ‘normal’ infant life as well. “He spends a far amount of time on set but only within reason because I think it’s important he has a normal home existence as well. Plus he already loves to go for walks in the park and be around other children. It’s wonderful to observe how spirited a personality he has as early as 9 months.” she gushes.

Having an infant in the family doesn’t mean you are new at parenting; Erica and David have a a 16 year old son, Lazslo, and are quite experienced with the challenges of raising a kid, “In fact, everybody assumes when you have an infant, you need advice about everything and I’m open to it, within reason,” she says with a smile, “What people don’t realize or forget is that we have a 16 year old, so we are already acquainted with challenges of raising children. Granted every child is different and Lochlan places a new set of spirited demands on us, necessitating an adjustment in expectations, life style and that’s the beauty of having children, they are all different.”

As we conclude our conversation, the proud mommy gushes over her son, “We are very fortunate because he’s a healthy, happy, inquisitive boy who has such an infectious spirit.”

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  1. Thank you for the interview! Love Erica, and so happy she and her family are doing well!!

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