Interview: Erica Durance Talks “Saving Hope” Season 3 with Directv; Plus a First Look At The New Season

Erica Durance from Saving Hope

Ahead of the U.S. Season 3 premiere of ‘Saving Hope’, April 5th on ION TV, DirecTV interviewed Erica Durance to discuss what viewers can expect from the new season and also present an exclusive First Look. Check it out.


Directv: Season 1 ended with Charlie waking up, and Season 2 ended with another major cliffhanger. Can viewers expect another roller coaster with Season 3?

Erica Durance: Yes! Season 3 will offer many surprises for all of the characters. It was a roller coaster for me when we filmed it, and I know that the fans will really enjoy the journey.

How will Alex’s assault change her relationship with Charlie?

Her assault leaves her feeling that something has left her. She ends up going to the other side briefly and seeing Charlie. They spend some time there together, and when she comes back she spends much of this season trying to find that missing piece.

Will the tension between Alex, Charlie and Joel continue to grow, and can viewers expect a resolution of their “love triangle?”

Viewers can expect some pretty juicy stuff and some payoffs… depending on which team you are on! 😃

Were there moments in Season 3 that even you were surprised by?

Alex’s journey to find the missing piece will take her on quite a journey. As the actress alongside her, I found many of the twists and turns surprising and fun.

What do you love most about your character, and do you share any characteristics/quirks with her?

Her tenacity and her empathy. Her willingness to love with her whole heart.

What are you most excited for viewers to experience in Season 3? Do you have a favorite episode of the season?

The choice that Alex faces between past and present. The truth of the matter is that you can love many people deeply, but who is the best for you? Who brings out the best in you? That struggle is great to watch and get caught up in. My favorite episode of the season is Episode 18.

Saving Hope premieres Tuesday, April 5th at 11/10c PM on ION TV.

*Link for the interview: Directv USA

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  1. I’m so happy to have found this site! I’d started watching Saving Hope from the beginning, but the channel I was watching it on suddenly stopped airing it before the end of the season. Then I read that it might’ve been canceled. I was so disappointed! Then I read online that others were still able to watch it & there was a second season, etc. I just couldn’t watch it in my viewing area. I loved the show, so I set my DVR to record the series. Earlier this year, to my surprise, I noticed SH among my recordings! I was so excited when I got to watch the 1st season, 2nd season, & Surprise! A 3rd season, too! Well, it’s been wonderful getting to know the amazing cast of characters. I’m emotionally invested now & S3 ended with a cliffhanger!! I was eagerly waiting to find out what happens in the 4th S. However, when it came back on, I got Reruns starting back at S2. I thought it was over. Boo-hoo! Then I came across this site & Yay! I learned that there WAS a 4th & 5th season. So now I’m elated, except I don’t know if it’ll broadcast here on ION TV. BTW, I’m a Charlie/Alex ‘shipper’. Good thing after what befell Joel at the end of S3. I was an avid & devoted fan of both Stargate SG-1 & SMALLVILLE. I also suspected Erica was really pregnant & glowing & beautiful. I’m so happy for her. So again, Thanks. I really appreciate I’ll be in a holding pattern waiting to see what happens.

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