Erica Tops TheMovieNetwork’s ‘Top 5 Live Action Lois Lanes’

Top 5 Lois Lane listed their “Top 5 Lois Lanes in Live Action” and Erica Durance tops the list as their #1 Lois Lane.

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#1 Erica Durance
TV Series: Smallville

Erica Durance made her debut as Lois Lane about half way through the series run for Smallville as a recurring character before later being added as a regular to the cast. When she first made her mark on the show, audiences either loved her or hated her because they weren’t entirely sure how she would be incorporated given that Lois has always been portrayed as the love of Clark’s life, but the show already had his high school love interest Lana Lang firmly embedded in its stories.

As time went on though, Durance became something of a saving grace for Smallville. Smallville was cheesy and campy at times, nothing like the darker superhero fare that graced the big screen while it was on the air. She could have been relegated to a damsel in distress role early on and left there, but instead, Lois was truly the intrepid reporter the comic books always teased she could be. It even took her four seasons to become a love interest. She never called for a hero to save her, but instead set out to save herself. She even saved others on more than one occasion without any help. She’s independent, intelligent, tenacious, and combines all of the best qualities of Lois Lane that the other actresses on the list have all in one package.


#1: Erica Durance
#2: Noel Neill
#3: Margot Kidder
#4: Teri Hatcher
#5: Amy Adams

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  1. It’s not anything but pure talent that landed Erica Durance in Smallville as the beautiful and tenacious Lois Lane. The moment I saw Lois and Clark together for the first time I knew it was a match made in the heavens. They sparkled together and made me believe again in a love that could survive anything. But more so, that with a good cut your hair can look incredible in ANY situation…..
    Erica made Lois Lane more than a “character”, she made her real. Someone every girl would be envious of, yet wanted as their friend.
    Now, I find myself watching Ms. Durance weave her magic as Dr. Alex Reid. She again portrays a woman that we are all envious of. The witty, intelligent, compassionate and beautiful Alex handles her chaotic, loss filled and sleepless life with such grace and determination. She deserves to finally find what and better yet, WHO her heart and soul are longing for. However, having rooted on both Joel and Charlie in their endeavors to win Alex’s heart, I believe that Dr./Mr. Right might still be out there……

  2. Recently i have watched Smallville, and realized that you were the best Lois Lane, hope to watch more of your work.
    Love to get reply.

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