Erica Durance Opens Up About How She Balances Parenting in Two Cities

In the November/December 2016 issue of ParentsCanada magazine, Erica Durance talks how she balances parenting in two cities. Check it out!

“Actor Erica Durance is mom to David, 17, Lochlan, 18 months, and number three (also a boy) is due this December. She and husband David divide their time between Vancouver and Toronto, where her hit show Saving Hope just finished shooting its fifth season (airing on CTV in 2017).

“I think it’s important for any woman who is working while pregnant or being a mother to maintain a strong support system with your partner, which I am very fortunate to have in my husband. His support allows me to work as both an actress and a mother. With every child we are evolving as people and as parents. It’s fascinating to me and actually makes me better at my job.

When I’m shooting, Lochlan comes to Toronto with me, but David stays in Vancouver for school. So it’s a bit tough. We’re constantly communicating how we’re feeling about things. You give independence to your kids, they try some things, some things work, some things you need to adjust. It’s natural progression as a teenager that you want to spread your wings and you realize that your parents DO have other things in their lives. I’ve seen kids who are stressed because their parents DON’T have anything else in their lives other than the kids.

One of the biggest struggles with this job is that I wear a lot of hats. If I’m not filming I’m in the writing room, if I’m not writing I’m talking to the other producers. I’ve also started directing. On average my days are 12 to 14 hours. I may have a couple of days off a week so I try to spend time with my son and also take those moments for myself, instead of trying to be everything to everyone. I take a walk or go for a run on the treadmill. It helps me be a happier, more patient mother.”

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  1. Realy good of u as a responsible actres, most of d actres dnt hav a steady fmly .dats wy dey ar less responsble, am happy 4 u my lois ,GOD BLESS AN PROTECT U& UR FAMLY, LOVE U.

  2. I have been sick for a while. Your saving hope has helped me. I just love the three of you and can not wait to watch it every week.You.michael and machell are just great and wish I could see you some day. I have 4 of the seasons on DVD and hope the 5th one comes out soon. Thank you three for being so great.. My e-mail # is I would love a picture of the three of you. Thank you for the time Nancy.

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