Exclusive: Erica Durance Answers Fans’ Questions (Part 1)

by Nadia Costa (Feb 10, 2012 – Durance Magazine)

Last December/2011 we asked you Erica Durance fans to come up with your questions for Erica Durance who would do her very best to answer as many as possible. While it’s not been possible to answer every single one, she has picked a selection that somehow summarize the common topics and provided the answers here.

If your question isn’t below, don’t despair we will be posting the second part of her Q&A in a couple of days. We hope to bring you more news from Erica and her project ‘Saving Hope’ and we will endeavour to do so. In the meantime, we are pleased to publish her answers below.

Happy reading!


Rachel (@snappilier): Erica, have you considered doing voice work for any animated features?
Erica Durance: I’ve been offered voice work, but up to now I’ve not been available.

Libby (@ginnytwin): Are there any causes or charities you support, not necessarily financially, but that you believe in?
ED: Charities are a way I can help and personally support any organization that assists in improving someone’s life, especially the life of a child. There are many charities to choose from, like “Make A Wish Foundation” or “UNICEF”. I also have a soft spot for “SPCA” (that assists) animals that have been abandoned and abused. My husband and I sponsor a group of children from all walks in life. It’s amazing what a few dollars a day will do for some people. We all have to find our own way of assisting others. We have a responsibility. It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a difference in someone’s life. It’s about having empathy for those who are not as fortunate or doing what you can, whether it’s volunteering, sponsoring someone, or donating that lost dollar you find crumpled in your jean pocket.

Rebeca Valdez (@RebecaValdez) What’s a role you would like to step into and why?
ED: I’d like any role where the woman is strong and independent. I try to add humour to anything I do. Playing any historical figure would be marvelous like Catherine De Medici.

Ryan McCarty (@blackdashund): Are you satisfied with how things turned out for Lois and her relationship with Clark in the (Smallville) finale?
ED: I’m satisfied at how ‘Smallville’ ended. As I’ve said, ‘Smallville’ was a great experience, and Lois will always be a part of me. But as with any show, you have to move on, and use what you’ve learned towards your next project. I try not to dwell on the past, but look forward to the future. I know there are many fans who still hold onto ‘Smallville’ and I understand that.

Dhiny Puspitasari: Dear Erica, do you still keep in touch with other Smallville cast? do you hang out with one of them? if I may ask, who are they?
ED: I don’t see any cast members except Kristin and Cassidy, who I had lunch with in Los Angeles the other day with Suzanne Gomez. I’m in touch with my make-up and hair ladies from the show, who are a great group of gals. Most of the time, I’m simply hanging with my family or friends outside the business.

DSS (@definitiveSVST): I want to ask Erica if she’d ever release her version of “Somebody Else” from (episode) ‘Noir’. It was never released and I’d love a copy of that!
ED: Sure I’d love to release a version of “Somebody Else” from ‘Noir’. There was talk of that, but it didn’t happen. I spent most of my childhood studying musical theatre, so singing is close to my heart.

Libby (@ginnytwin): How do you prepare for particular scenes or roles? (i.e. What’s your process?)
ED: Yikes! Not sure if I like answering this question. Hmmm… I guess it starts with learning to like and understand the part and the material. I do enjoy doing research, if it allows me access into the characters life. For instance, for “Saving Hope”, I’m not a doctor, so I observed doctors in the hospital, and voraciously read about medical terminology. To be honest, I’m not ever comfortable in talking about my process, and how I get inside a character, because it’s a personal process. Discussing your process sometimes can sound a little pretentious. In my opinion, your process changes as you get older because your reference material and personal experiences expands. Besides the older you get, the more you realize you don’t know anything. Hahaha So you stop thinking too much and simply do your research, learn the lines, have an objective, listen and receive and see what happens. Most importantly is to keep your ego out of the way.

Allyson D (@Allysonxox1h): How is it like to play a doctor on TV? Is it really different from your role as Lois, or does Alex similar to her?
ED: I’m excited about the prospect of 2012, and my involvement with “Saving Hope” for NBC and CTV. It will be a challenge playing the lead, Dr. Alex Reid, because it’s a departure from the sci-fi arena or Lois. They are both women who are pre-occupied with achieving goals. I’m looking forward to my involvement in “Saving Hope”, both as an actress and producer.

Karen Markovski: Hi Erica, now that you are playing a Doctor, how hard is it to remember all the BIG Doctor words?
ED: Learning lines and medical terminology comes with practice and reading a lot of medical books.

Wulan Baker: Hi Erica when you get nominated for Golden Globe and Oscar, which one you’d want more?
ED: I don’t really think of award shows or if I’d ever be privileged enough to receive one. To receive a Globe or an Oscar is an amazing accomplishment for any actor.

Jennifer Terek: What would you say was your biggest acting challenge when you first began, how did you overcome it, and do you have one now?
ED: My biggest challenge has been to overcome analyzing everything I do. I simply enjoy working more now and trust in whatever the end product ends up being. Sometimes you don’t have control over the end result. Also, I no longer take notice of what others think of me outside of my family.

Diego Rodriguez: Hi Erica. Can you tell us about your role in Tim and Eric’s Million Dollar Movie?
ED: In ‘Tim and Eric’s Million Dollar Movie’ I played a French waitress. It was great to do a little comedy.

Evie Fong: I know you will be playing a character who believes she is Wonder Woman on Harry’s Law. That must have been so much fun to play! How did the role come to your attention? And what can you hint at about your storyline and character? • Luke Tucker: What was it like for you to put on the persona (and hopefully the costume? lol) of Wonder Woman?
ED: I had a great experience working on “Harry’s Law” and would return anytime. It was a pleasure to work with the cast and crew and Bill D’Lea who I worked with early in my career. I loved meeting Kathy Bates, who I admire, although I did not get to work with her. I’m hoping next time. Haha Regardless, it was a great opportunity to work on a David E. Kelly show.
For those who did not see the episode, you’ll realize I’m not playing Wonder Woman. It’s about what Wonder Woman represents to my character. Wonder Woman is an iconic comic book character that serves as a powerful symbol for Annie Bilson who sees her as a source of inspiration and strength. However the character Annie Bilson is not Wonder Woman but uses the persona as a vessel to seek revenge on those who are guilty of domestic abuse.
Wearing the costume was a little daunting! But it was the essence of the subject matter that attracted me to her. I believe in women standing up for themselves in whatever manner or means at their disposal. The same goes for anyone who is subjugated or abused regardless of race, sex or creed. We are no longer living in the dark ages and I think it’s important to stand up for what you believe in and for the rights of others who may not have a voice, especially children. With the availability of the internet we see so many more acts of abuse today and one does not have to believe in Wonder Woman to do something about it. One has to find that strength inside, whether it’s helping others or helping yourself.

That’s all for today. In a couple of days we’ll be posting the second part of her Q&A. Stay tuned!

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