Exclusive: Erica Durance Answers Fans’ Questions (Part 2)

by Nadia Costa (Feb 10, 2012 – Durance Magazine)

As promised, we are posting the second (and last) part of Erica Durance’s Q&A. Like we said last week, she has received a great amount of questions that you have kindly posted on our twitter and website. While it’s not been possible to answer every single one, she has picked a selection that somehow summarize the common topics and provided the answers here.

Happy reading!


Shay 25: What will your characters relationship with Daniel Gillies character be?
Erica Durance: Dr Goran, Daniel Gillies, is a surgeon who shared a romantic past with Alex. These characters are continually at odds with each other.

Louise Morgan: Just wondering, what are the top 5 things that you couldn’t live without?
ED: 5 things I could not live without: My husband, my son, my family, my integrity, my health…

Baron Martin: Hi Erica! I would love to see you in the new “Romancing the Stone” remake as Joan Wilder. We’ve seen you in kick-ass roles it’d be nice to see you in a purely hopeless romantic role. If you didn’t want to do that, what would be your dream role you would like to do one day?
ED: Lara Croft! I think Cleopatra would be a stunning accomplishment to play!

Brenna Kay O’Farrell: How has life in general been like post-Smallville • Sarah Davis: Did you take ANY time off after “Smallville” ended or did you simply jump right back to working?
ED: Life in general after “Smallville” has been exciting. Since “Smallville”, I’ve travelled and worked in Italy, Malta, Miami, Toronto, Los Angeles and in Vancouver. I’ve found this year to be very gratifying! Right now I’m preparing for “Saving Hope”. I’m very fortunate. My life is very good. When I’m not acting or traveling, I’m a mom and that’s a role I love. These days you might find me loitering on the construction sight of our new home that my husband has designed and is building. It’s a very creative and lucrative endeavor for our family. Occasionally I’ll grab a nail gun and drive a nail somewhere… not always where I should! Reminds me of the farm! I get into trouble more often than I care to admit! Hahaha

Ana Faria: I really wanted to know how is it for you to make the change from a superheroes’ show like “Smallville” to a life-based heartfelt drama like “Saving Hope”.
ED: It’s a challenge to go from Sci-Fi to “Saving Hope” but thankfully in between I’ve done a few projects that have prepped me for the experience that I’m looking forward to.

Nastia Sivaeva: Erica, what are your associations with your childhood?
ED: My childhood associations are to live life as honestly and as fully as I can, very much like I did when I was a child.

Katie Badger: Hey Erica! As a young, soon to be graduating acting student who admires your work, what would you say to young women who are attempting to enter the biz? What’s your best advice for an excited and anxious young actress? Thanks and I look forward to your future work!
ED: If you choose acting as a profession, make sure you love it beyond anything else. It’s a fabulous profession but it can be very difficult!

Tiffany Grimsley: Erica if you had the ability what is the one thing you would change about the world today?
ED: Ridding the world of any kind of genocide where the value of oil is more important than life itself!

Kiki KiAri Hms – First of all, thank you so much for taking some time off to interact with us fans; I appreciate that you care about us all. I always ask my friends and now I’m asking you: have you heard of Brunei? Our local channel will air “Smallville” and I reckon a lot of Bruneian will become your fans in the near future. And secondly: I’ve seen all your films/tv shows/short films. It seems to me that you have chemistry with all your castmates. I especially loved your chemistry with your “I Me Wed” and “Smallville” castmates.
ED: Yes, I’ve heard of Brunei. Thanks for the compliment. Chemistry is basically two people who trust each other in a scene. There is a common understanding and trust that appears effortless, even though it may not be as effortless as one thinks. It’s a bonus that you get along on a personal level. The end result being sometimes people watching think there is more going on when there isn’t. But if you can fool the audience then you’re doing your job!

Natalie Emms: What Smallville prop(s) were you able to snag?
ED: I wanted my desk name plate but I didn’t manage to snag it. I settled for a lot of clothes and shoes! Hahaha

Sarah Leveque: If you had to sum up your experience on “Smallville” with just one word, which one would it be?
ED: A word that sums up working on “Smallville”: ‘Blast!’

Sydney Nassar: My question for you is was it hard for you to break into the business or was it fairly easy?
ED: Breaking into the business was tough but I perservered. Perserverence is something you have to possess.

Julie Rae Boudwin: If you were on vacation in the U.S. what 3 cities would you visit that you’ve never been to before?
ED: I’ve been lucky to travel extensively all over the U.S. The only city vacation for me is New York!

Clara Liotta: Hi Erica, I’m from Italy. Heard you were here last Summer. What did you think about my country? Any particular features you got impressed by? Hope you can come back here soon.
ED: I loved Italy. It is a country rich in beauty, fashion and history.

Libby (@ginnytwin): What was it like growing up in Three Hills, and what were you like as a kid? What role has religion played in your life?
ED: I was given a strong work ethic living on a farm in Three Hills. And I had an evangelical upbringing. But I’ve learned as an adult that any faith or religion should only be a guide to how you live your life. It should never limit your choices.

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