Smallville: What’s up, Lois Lane?

by Deborah Giattina (Feb 2, 2010 –

If you’re not already a comic book geek, you might not have heard of the Justice Society of America. Sure, you’ve heard about the Justice League, which pools the awesome forces of all your A-list superheroes: Batman, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern and, yes, Superman. But it’s the Justice Society of America that Smallville features tonight in its special two-hour movie, Absolute Justice.
So what’s the deal with the JSA? Well, the team dates back to the 1940s, when DC Comics wanted to give a little frame time to some of its lesser-known crime fighters, like Dr. Fate, Star Girl, and Hawkman (according to spoilers, all three will appear in the special). A decade later, DC writer Gardner Fox changed “Society” to “League” and included all the marquee names. But how did the writers explain the sudden appearance of this new supergroup? Duh-uh, the original team came from Earth-Two, a parallel in the DC Comic multiverse.
In Absolute Justice, Clark Kent discovers the team’s existence for the first time. When we got on the phone to chat with Erica Durance, who plays the ass-kicking and Whitesnake-loving ace reporter Lois Lane, we wanted to know where her character fits into this convergence of caped crusaders. We also asked if, when we saw Lois and Clark have sex in the future, did it even really happen? As it turns out, Absolute Justice might reveal some clues on that brain-teaser as well.

••• The Justice Society of America is coming to Smallville, so to speak. What will be your role in this two-hour special?
Erica Durance: You will see Lois running a parallel story with Clark. Clark has a first-hand meeting with these individuals. Lois goes off on her own to investigate, and finds herself introduced to Dr. Fate. She has a run-in with him, and he gives her interesting insight into her future.

And how will the Justice Society of America fit into the current plot arc, if at all?
Depending on which character you’re talking about, you’re in the same arc. Like, with “Pandora” you got to see what Lois sees. It is kind of isolated, but the overall arc of trying to stop the future is still a part of things.

Perhaps this is a question better suited for the writers, but how do you think the choice of bringing in characters that pre-date the original Justice League resonate with the audience?
It plays into the whole the point of what they’re trying to do. It runs hand-in-hand with Clark’s coming of age. It helps to flesh out the hero side of Clark. He gets to learn a lot. And I think the fans will love seeing and recognize some of these characters.

Did you get a chance to work with Pam Grier? We hear you receive a mysterious package from her.
I was very excited. She’s got a really great presence and she was really gracious. As far as the story goes, it’s great.

Really, so will we see more of her after Absolute Justice?
There is the possibility that she comes back.

Let’s look forward for a second. In the last episode, “Pandora,” it looked like Lois and Clark will finally seal the deal when we get a glimpse of the future. What was it like to film that scene?
You just have to decide where the characters are coming from. It’s no different than shooting a scene where you’re breaking up with someone. What I liked about it being in the future is thinking about how the relationship might come together, and you get to play with it.

Meanwhile, back in the present, Lois announces she wants to take things slow. Isn’t that kind of a buzz kill?
That’s what the audience is looking for. Because you jump to the future that way, you missed all the interesting aspects of how they got together. I always feel that you want to see all the angst. I want to see the journey. Once they’re together, it’s done. So they get to see more of those things as we shoot further episodes.

If it happened in the future, but the whole mission of Clark et al. is to avert the future, does that mean Lois and Clark might not have actually done it?
Isn’t that more of the mystery?

Smallville is very popular on, and some of our readers have noted that the writers need to deal with a plot hole that “Pandora”opened. What is the importance of the red sun, if it’s the yellow sun that makes Kryptonians superpowerful?
You’d have to ask a writer. I really admire how the fans keep the writers on point. Because I’m not actually Kryptoinan, I’m not going to answer that.

You like to comment on how you enjoy playing Lois because she’s written strong rather than as a damsel in distress. Wouldn’t that bring a certain appeal to Clark over the Red-Blue Blur? Do you find that to be a contradiction? How do you resolve that for your character?
It’s part of the mythology and the writers are trying to introduce that again, because she hasn’t had contact with Blur in a while. I’m not sure how they’re going to introduce him back into her life, but I’m having a meeting about that next week.

And I’ve read in other interviews that you like to advocate for what you think Lois’s feelings are, by playing her in a certain way. Is Smallville pretty good about letting actors invent and interpret their characters?
They’ve always given us a lot of platforms to express how we feel about our characters. If you feel the script hits a false note, you’re allowed to comment about that and come to some sort of compromise.

Of course everyone wants to know if Superman will finally fly this season. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. I’m sure you’re not going to answer that, but what do you hope Lois gets to do, since she’s already done one of the most fun things possible?
I just want the show to continue on with the mythology in that world.

Well, we all know what that means. Back to Earth-One, now, everybody. Absolute Justice airs tonight at 8pm on The CW.

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