‘Saving Hope’ Promotional Photos And Episode Description For “Little Piggies” (2.02)

Episode 202: “Little Piggies”
Writer: Adam Pettle (ROOKIE BLUE)
Short Synopsis: Alex must learn to stick up for herself and not be intimidated by Dawn (Charlie’s ex-wife) in order to work alongside her and perform a minimally invasive heart procedure to save a patient’s life. Meanwhile, Joel unlocks a mystery to a young girl’s disease whilst getting some advice from Charlie, who is trying to figure out how to help his comatose patient come back from being a spirit. It’s a week of defying the odds at Hope Zion.

Long Synopsis:
Alex (Erica Durance) is taking a cardiac course in the pig lab, led by Dawn (Michelle Nolden), when her nerves end up getting the best of her. Dawn is quick to capitalize on the opportunity to call Alex out, which doesn’t set them off straight for the rest of the episode. It’s only when they end up sharing a patient with cardiac problems that Alex must swallow her pride, be the better person, and figure out how she can not only work with Dawn – but learn from her as well, for the interest of the eir patient. Similarly, Joel (Daniel Gillies) finds himself still learning to tread water as Chief of Surgery at Hope Zion Hospital. At first, his ego wins out, but near the end Joel looks to Charlie (Michael Shanks) for advice on a patient with an extremely rare bone disease. Meanwhile, Charlie connects with a comatose patient who is seemingly never waking up. Through dealing with the patient’s spirit and getting some helpful advice from Gavin (Kristopher Turner), Charlie helps his patient beat all odds.

Guest Stars: Daniel Kash (AGAINST THE WALL), Joel Keller (MEN WITH BROOMS), Rick Miller (CANADIAN MADE), Siobhan Murphy (ROOKIE BLUE), Stefani Kimber (ROOKIE BLUE) and Tammy Isbell (OVERRULED!)

Interview: Erica Durance Chats Via Satellite With CTV Morning Live (B.C.)

June 25, 2013 – Erica Durance chats via satellite with CTV Morning Live (B.C.) about the new season of Saving Hope. Check it out:

The Marilyn Denis Show: Erica Takes Viewers On An Exclusive Tour of Her B.C. Home

Inside Erica Durance’s Home

Star of CTV’s “Saving Hope,” Erica Durance, gave us an exclusive tour of her West Vancouver home, which she shares with her son and husband David Palffy.

Building and decorating the home was a labour of love for the couple that has been married for 12 years. “This house is an eclectic mix of everything my wife loves,” says Palffy.

The décor is inspired by their travels, but putting it all together was largely her husband’s project. Durance says, “Most of the time people are assuming once it gets to all the colours and all that, the woman steps in and says, ‘Ta-da!’” Yet, this wasn’t the case for Durance. While she was busy working on “Saving Hope” she gave her husband full creative control and he designed the space with her in mind.

Durance’s favourite room is the kitchen. “It’s very warm and homey,” she describes. Although it is Palffy who cooks, Durance likes to entertain, and watch basketball games there.

Another favourite part of the home is a corner of the bedroom where Durance spends hours reading Jane Austen books by a fireplace. “One of the most beautiful things about this area for me is the blend of the colour coming in. I find it very peaceful and restful,” says the actress. Her husband crafted the room to have coffered ceiling, Victorian lighting, and views of the ocean through the widow which all add to the ambience of the space.

Unfortunately for Durance, she does not get to enjoy the home as often as she would like. “Saving Hope” is shot in Toronto, and she travels between the two cities every few weekends. “When I get there, and I get in the house and I shut the door, it’s perfect.”

Watch Erica in the Season 2 premiere of “Saving Hope” June 25, 2013 on CTV at 10 p.m. ET.

Source: The Marilyn Denis Show

Interview: Erica Durance Promotes Saving Hope Season 2 on CP24 Breakfast

June 25th, 2013 – Erica Durance Promotes Saving Hope Season 2 on CP24 Breakfast. Check it out:

Interview: Erica Durance Promotes Saving Hope Season 2 on Canada AM

June 25th, 2013 – Erica Durance Promotes Saving Hope Season 2 on Canada AM. Check it out:

Interview: Erica Durance Promotes Saving Hope Season 2 on The Morning Show

June 25th, 2013 – Erica Durance Promotes Saving Hope Season 2 on The Morning Show. Check it out

eTalk: Erica Durance Opens The Doors To Her Vancouver Home

eTalk June 24, 2013.: Erica Durance opens the doors to her Vancouver home built and designed by her husband David Palffy.

Calgary-born Actress Erica Durance Gives Sneak Peak at Season 2 of Saving Hope

Michael Shanks, Erica Durance, Daniel Gillies

Near the end of the emotionally draining second-season opener of CTV’s Saving Hope, doctors Alex Reid and Charlie Harris discuss whether they are lucky or cursed.

After taking in the drama that befalls Hope Zion during Tuesday’s hour-long episode, viewers might lean toward the latter. When we left the action in Season 1, former chief of surgery Charlie (played by Michael Shanks), finally emerged from the coma he slipped into after a car wreck at the beginning of Season 1. As fans will recall, this happened while he and Alex (Calgary-born Erica Durance) were in a cab en route to their marriage ceremony. Now, as Season 2 begins, the pair’s romantic plans are again interrupted when they happen upon a violent shooting that eventually throws the entire hospital into turmoil. Read more →

Happy 35th Birthday, Erica!


“Thanks for all of the wonderful birthday wishes. So overwhelmed. Bless” — Erica Durance on Twitter

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‘Saving Hope’ Promotional Photos And Episode Description “I Watch Death” (S02E01)

In the Season 2 premiere, entitled “I Watch Death” (Tuesday, June 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CTV), Alex (Erica Durance) and Charlie (Michael Shanks) are caught in the middle of a shooting on their way to their first shift back at Hope Zion. It’s all hands on deck when the victims of the shooting end up at Hope Zee. In the midst of the commotion, Alex treats a bullied teenager and deals with her own emotions about everything that’s happened in the past year. Meanwhile, Charlie is caught off guard when he realizes that he’s still able to see the spirits of deceased patients. As well, new Chief of Surgery Joel (Daniel Gillies) works alongside Charlie’s ex-wife Dawn to perform an intense surgery.